Crazy Fiber - Rods

Experience the magic of CrazyFiber Rods from Atlas Supplies! Handcrafted and uniquely patterned, these rods are a game-changer for pen makers. Not only are they visually stunning, but they're also exceptionally durable, resistant to temperature changes, and can be processed in various ways. Plus, they're non-toxic and safe for continuous skin contact. Perfect for creating standout fountain pens that are as functional as beautiful. Dive into the world of CrazyFiber today!

Discount Code: PEN5


Juma is an exceptional high-grade material specifically crafted to transform the ordinary into extraordinary works of art. As a pen-maker, the unique characteristics and aesthetic properties of Juma allow you to create truly unique and distinctive writing instruments.

As a pen-maker, you can utilize a range of Juma products such as Juma Gem, Juma Dragon Resin, and Juma Snake Resin. Juma Gem, specifically designed for intricate inlays, offers a shiny, swirly look with a fine structure. On the other hand, Juma Dragon Resin and Juma Snake Resin add an exotic touch with their reptilian scale-like appearance. Additionally, Juma Carbon Scales provide an elegantly modern, ready-to-use set, ideal for contemporary designs.

Discount Code: PEN5